If you’re starting a new job in the UK you’ll find that a p45 is one of the most important HMRC/Tax Documents you’ll ever need because your employer needs this document to verify your tax code. Without this document, you may end up paying too much in tax. The reason this happens is because your employer has an emergency tax code instead of your correct tax code.

We should all keep such documents in a safe place but sometimes they can get lost for whatever reason. In the past we’ve had customers who have moved house and lost their documents, misplaced it, or just don’t know where it is.

This is a case when getting a replacement P45 from Replace Your Docs is vital. We know it’s annoying and very frustrating to lose this document.

If you have a lost P45 it is very easy to get a new one and you may even get it the same day. Here at Replace Your Documents we are fully committed to ensuring each of our customers get the best possible quality replacement documents.

  • All NI deductions and tax calculations are worked out based on information you provide to us.
  • We’ll never contact your current or previous employers. We only work with information you provide to us.
  • You’ll never see the words Sample or Specimen on any of our fake P45 documents. We prepare all replacement documents to the highest standard possible.
  • Your digital copy is emailed to you same day you order.
  • A hard copy will be delivered to you within 3 working days created on our P45 template.
  • High quality 100 gsm paper is used to print documents with the latest cutting edge laser printing technology.
  • Your confidentiality and discretion is assured
  • We guarantee your satisfaction
  • 1 Part = £20
  • 2 Parts = £25
  • 3 Parts = £30
  • 4 Parts = £35
Step 1/2. Please select the P45 below to start the process:

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