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Novelty Proof of Income

We offer premium quality novelty of proof income documents which are intended for fun, usually to make family or/and friends believe that you're rich. Among other incredibly realistic-looking fake documents, we also provide novelty P45 and P60 forms as well as SA302 and tax coding papers. They look so realistic no one will suspect that you're playing a joke on them.

P45 is a document you receive from your employer when you quit your job. It contains information about the pay, taxes paid, etc. including the reasons for the employment termination. Novelty P45 form enables you to make up a range of humorous reasons for leaving your job. This makes it a perfect present but it is also an excellent way to pull a prank on your family or friends and make them believe that you have lost your job.

Another document from the so-called PAYE forms, P60 is a document that is received by each taxpayer at the end of the tax year (5 April). It contains information about the tax paid on salary and as a result, it tells a lot about your earnings. This makes fake P60 a fantastic idea to make your friends believe that you have a dream job. In order for it to be more convincing, it also includes information about taxable income, deductions and other things contained in the real P60 form. Please keep in mind that novelty P60 is allowed to be used for fun and entertainment only. It shouldn't be used instead of the actual P60 form.

If you live in the UK, then SA302 form isn't unknown to you. It's a Self Assessment tax bill which includes information about the amount of tax paid and amount of the tax owed in the past tax year. This form is issued by the HMRC, however, not all people have it. As a result, a novelty counterpart seems highly plausible to parents who know that the document is issued by the HMRC. And once they see the amount of tax you have paid based on your fabulous income, it won't even cross their mind that it perhaps isn't real. In addition to things such as the amount paid/owed, it also includes information such as income earned before taxes, dividends, property and interest, etc. which is crucial if you want to persuade other people that it's authentic. If you have been away for a while, then this novelty document can be a great way to have some fun at the expense of your friends or family.

Our easy-to-follow online ordering process enables you to see how your novelty income form will look like before the final version so that you can make corrections if necessary in order for your novelty proof of income letter to appear 100% authentic. We use the latest generation digital technology for printing, enabling us to deliver top quality documents.

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